Saturday, December 19, 2009

Planetstrike and Warboss

So I'm doubly housebound... post surgery and now snowed in... Here's what I've done 40k wise to pass the time:

And my warboss... 95% done
tomorrow will probably see some painting time. I'll probably work on the Vostroyans. Hopefully get some pictures snapped. To everyone in the mideast, stay warm!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello one and all. If you found your way here without being coerced, thanks! After letting my Freebota subscription run out, I figured I needed a new way to fufill that narcissistic side of the hobby and post pictures of all my little painted men on the internet, so viola!

My 40k Ever meet a 40k player who didn't like to brag about their armies? We're worse than when we first started out playing D&D and wanted to tell everyone we met about our characters. I really enjoy talking/ reading/ typing about this stupid game, so I have no shame in laying out my collection!

Dark Angels I can field about 8000 points of the Emperor's First Legion. My collection is centered around the Deathwing, led by Belial, a librarian, and an Interrogator Chaplain. I also have a force of Ravenwing with Sammael and a Chaplain on a bike, and the beginnings of the 7th reserve company of regular power armored fellows led by Asmodai. I enjoy the models of this army, but feel like the book really has been beaten mercilessly with the nerf bat. Lots of pictures of these guys in my earlier blog posts.

World Eaters This is my winning army. They have never lost a game. Ever. Had quite a few ties... but never a loss. I went fluffy. 3 squads of 'zerks in rhinos, a squad of iconed terminators in a land raider, a dread, a defiler, 2 squads of summoned lesser daemons, a summoned greater daemon, all led by Kharn himself! I have the Forgeworld Brass Scorpion all painted up for Apoc. situations as well. In the case (as in "still unpainted") are another 2000 points of these guys as well as a forgeworld chaos warhound which I hope to be working on sometime soon.

Imperial Guard: Vostroyans The Firstborn are my "work in progress" army right now. I spent two years scouring ebay and store swaps to collect them, but they are quickly becoming my pride and joy. The army is built around 2 infantry platoons with attached heavy weapons squads. A command squad in a chimera takes up one HQ while a Lord Commissar holds the other spot. I also run a vet squad w/ 3 melta guns and a p-fist in a valkyrie for tank busting and objective grabs. Armor is made up of a hellhound, a demolisher, 3 armored sentinels, and a basilisk. Look for lots of updates on these guys as I start to move them towards full deployment. In the case for this army are plenty of reinforcements for the infantry and a baneblade for Apocalypse.

Da Sonz of An-Ork-Y My "youngest" army is an ork speed freak force. led by Wazdakka this army is pure battlewagons, bikes, trukks, and boyz. These guys are my traveling army right now, and head out whenever I go over other people's houses to play. They might see some paint later this year, so watch for updates.

World Eaters

Dark Angels