Monday, October 29, 2012

Mid Hurricane Models!

Greetings from stormy Maryland where we've been getting our asses kicked all day by Hurricane Sandy. My wife is at 40 weeks and we're just praying she doesn't go into labor tonight.

I did get two more drow ret models done this week though....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Drow Retribution of Scyrah: WIP Shots

Wow has it been a long time! Sorry everyone, but life has been on turbo mode. Work, bike season, and the little item of the of the arrival of my daughter sometime in the next two weeks!

Still, lots of hobbying going on. I've been painting and playing quite a bit. My latest project has given me a break from Circle and Cygnar (and Cryx... I gotta get back to those guys one of these days...) and I'm painting a tier 4 Retribution Kaelyssa list.

I didn't want to do a normal scheme. Mostly because I wanted to do something different AND so as not to piss off Joey Baltimore and his angry elves. So... in the midst of our Pathfinder game the other night, I had an epihany. DROW.

Here's some WIP shots.