Thursday, February 13, 2014


Joey bs Menoth

Monday, February 3, 2014

Not Quite a Year Later...

That's right fools... D-9 is back on the internets. You know you've missed my particular brand of pithy hobby commentary... or at least some of my service-ably painted models. 

Well the good news is, I've missed blogging, so it's time to try to make the old valiant effort to post once again. So... what news from the Mark?

I'm a DAD: that's where the last 350 or so odd days have gone. My hobbying hasn't totally disappeared, but the time to write about it certainly did. My daughter is 15 months old next week and she is hands down the coolest thing in the world. 

WARMAHORDES IS STILL KING: Since last we spoke, I've played a lot of Warmachine. I rode the Cryx wave last year, taking Skarre and Denny to several tournaments. Some you win, some you lose, and sometimes you bring Venethrax as your second caster and wonder just how much you had to drink the night before when you made THAT piece of brilliant decision making. This year, I'm switching back to Circle for the foreseeable future. eBaldur and the Goat are my two lists of choice. So far, so good. 5-0 on the year. 

I'M STILL PAINTING: I painted 101 models last year. Lots of cryx stuff. Some random Cygnar and some Menoth for Joey Baltimore. This year, I'm starting off with more Circle while still churching out Joey Bs new army for him. Pictures shall come soon. 

PATHFINDER CONSISTENCY FINALLY ACHIEVED! Our Pathfinder group has been playing roughly every two weeks since May. I've had a ton of fun getting back into a consistent RPG campaign. We are running a modded Rappun Athuk from Necromancer Games and loving every terribly over the top minute of it. 

GUILD WARS 2: WoW is dead and gone. My wife and I are enjoying a very casual relationship with Guild Wars 2. We play, a lot, but don't take it super seriously. 

So that's that. Lots of other interesting little things in the last year, but they'll come out in the wash. In the meantime, I'm going to rev up the camera and take some pictures to share what I've been working on.