Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tournament Results

Well the tournament came and went. No repeat victory for D-9, but the GSHU team had a pretty successful day.

Round 1: Two flags, near and far. eSkarre faces off against pFeora. Let me start this battle report by mentioning that I don't think I've played against pFeora in at least two years, and then it was only once. Keep that in mind when I mention that most of my army died a fiery death in turn two. Even with that Skarre managed to score a point and thin some of his army before the judicator took it's meaty fists to her great rack and ended my round one a bit prematurely.

Round 2: I had a bye. I spent the time browsing our FLGS and watching other games. Curiously, only three hordes players in the 15 player field. Colosal/ Gargantuan representation included a Stormwall, a Woldwrath and a Judicator, plus my Kraken. I picked up the new Iron Kingdoms Urban Adventures sourcebook while I waited too.

Round 3: It never fails. Drive 15 miles, pay $10, play one of the guys I play every week. Ryan and I faced off in what looked to be a great victory for Ryan, but my sneaky Cryx-ian brain baited him to one side of the table while Skarre and the Kraken cleared the Great Bears and a Ternion off of the two objectives. The kraken wrapped its arms around the destroyable objective and tore it apart while Skarre got busy dominating the other objective. Ryan tried to get to me but it was too late; victory D-9... 5 control points to 2.

Round 4: Khador a second time. pButch again too... His army list was interesting. 2 Juggernauts, rifle corp w/ Joe, Yuri, a full unit of IFP (I think they were Black Dragons) and some support stuff. I made a hard push towards one of the control zones right away while pushing the bulk of my army towards his to see who would win the positioning contest. Turn three, he brought the Butcher forward to spell my incorporeal blood witches to death then moved the IFP in to protect Butch. I may have smiled evily at this point. I had a full unit of mech thralls, 3 blood witches, pSkarre and... oh yes, a kraken, all within threat of his IFP and caster. Skarre was sitting on 8 focus due to blood ritual the round before. Dark Guidance? check. Feat? check. Mechanithralls ripping through IFP? Yep. Kraken eating butcher? check.

All in all 3-1 isn't bad. All games were played with painted armies too, so good stuff.

Now on the painting table: Bloodgorgers!

Also, something new coming soon... keep an eye on these pages!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Steamroller 2013: Year of Cryx Edition

"Blah blah blah... I haven't posted... blah blah blah... life is busy.... blah blah blah...."

Ok, now that THAT'S out of the way... Life has been hectic. This Dad thing is taking some getting used to, but a rhythm has began to appear. Sleep is for weaklings anyways...

Happy President's day weekend to everyone out there. My wife and daughter went to visit her parents for the weekend leaving me with a nerd weekend of legendary proportions. Tonight, Magic Sealed Deck, tomorrow Warmahordes Tourney.

My last tourney appearance ended with a first place finish. Hoping to make a repeat this weekend. I'm taking Cryx armies exclusively to any and all events until at least June, so here are my lists.

eSkarre: Theme Force Tier 4 35 points


-Min Satyxis Raiders+ UA
-Min Satyxis Raiders+ UA
-Min Satyxis Blood Witches+ UA

-Satyxis Raider Captain
-Satyxis Raider Captain

This list is fast. I should be able to jam most objectives and destroy the destructable bases very quickly while allowing eSkarre to use her battle group to tangle up any enemy heavies. If a collosal is possible this list will go for the feedback kill early on. Ideally this list won't see any Hordes' opponents.

pSkarre: 35 Points

Skarlock Thrall

-Max Mechanithralls
-Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls
-Min Satyxis Raiders+ UA
-Min Satyxis Blood Witches+ UA

Not as fast as list one, due to the loss of the captains, this list is built more for attrition. The raiders will jam early, and die early while the mech thralls and witches will work for objectives using Skarre's feat and the witches mini feat for additional survivability. The Kraken is there to move onto objectives and bring things down at range. 35 points really hurts this list as I have no arc node, but Skarre will become a much more mid field caster with blood rites and her feat.

Everything is painted and ready to rumble. I will post pictures and results tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013. In your face Mayans!
Happy New Year to one and all. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. Good ol' D-9 was out playing a gig last night and is a tired papa this morning, even with a baby who slept straight through the night.

2012 was a great year. Many real life accomplishments and also many gaming achievements, but now it's time for that post everyone loves to read... the dreaded "NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION POST."

So, what does 2013 hold for me? I'm finding painting to be my best stress relief (short of being on the bike) so I hope to get a lot more done this year. My goals for 2013 (at least to start) take me back to my Cryx with...

1: A Kraken
2: 6 (more) satyxis raiders
3: a 2nd sea witch
4: 10 bane thralls
5: bane thrall UA
6: Tartarus
7: 10 bane knights

so that's 31 models to start. Hopefully that will be done by April or so. Work has already began on the Kraken.

Happy New Year!