Thursday, July 28, 2011

Storm Strider Assembly

My Cygnar Battle Engine arrived in the mail from the fine gents at Miniature Market today! I spent about two hours tonight doing the initial cleaning and pre-assembly. The model is impressive, both in appearence and in heft. The middle section is metal, as are the upper portions of the legs. The only resin piece that reallt was a mess was the arc that has the tesla coils on it. Lots of flash and mold lines as well as some pour tags that had to be removed. I drilled a hole for the foot peg of the second crew man on the main deck, while the first storm smith has a small platform that he stands on (and that the levers connect to.)
As for the base, I put a little detail on that giant pie plate, but didn't go too over the top. Some green stuff worked into a ruined road with a resin terrrain piece and a bit of rock and sand make up the base. Hopefully this beauty will be on the painting table soon!

I'm still slowly plugging away at thunderhead. Hope to have him done sometime this weekend. He seriously might be my new favorite warmachine model.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finished Cygnar Charger and Thunderhead WIP

Well my summer painting projects are rolling a long. By the end of the summer I wanted three fully painted 35 pt. armies for both my Cryx and Cygnar. eSkarre and pSkarre were 100% done months ago, now eStryker is finished. eNemo is coming close to completion, and pDenny is at least started!

I finished off the Charger last night for eNemo's army. I shied away from this jack for a while, but Nemo loves it. It's perfect long range fire support for the Hammersmith and Thunderhead as they move across the field. I usually load it up with the full 3 focus and then matrix back anything I didn't need when Nemo gets his turn.
Thunderhead is next on the list. I've been slowly working on him between other paints right now. This jack is an incredible sculpt and all of the large empty spaces really need a little TLC to get the highlights right. I threw in an extra stage to my normal painting of whites, two extra stages to my normal painting of blues, and three extra stages for my golds on this guy. I'm proud of the progress thus far.
I've also wrapped up the alt. pDenny sculpt and Nightmare. I'll get some pics snapped of them later on this week. I've had a pretty solid run of games with my pDenny list over the last month. Needed to take a break from the boy's in blue and get back to my Cryx-y roots...

Stay cool!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Other Finished Cygnar Models

Good morning! Sitting here watching the Tour de France and updating the blog!

My secondary Cygnar army has bounced between pStryker, Siege, eHaley, and currently is eNemo. I'm playing him a bit jack heavy with a charger, thunderhead, and a hammersmith. The storm guard add some infantry tarpiting, with the Black 13th giving fire support. Three stormsmiths and Arlan round out this list. I still have some painting to finish off the list, but here's what I have done.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back with a Finished Cygnar Army!

Holy crap it's been a while since I've posted! Life has been a bit crazy in Baltimore, new jobs for both the wife and I, lots of work with the secondary job, WoW committments ( hee hee) and the start of cycling season. Add in some great TV, good books, and actually playing nerd games and painting models thus my posting time has been a bit lean... anyways enough for the excuses, D-9 minis proudly presents, a finished eStryker 35 point army!
Caster: eStryker
Stryker is joined by the squire and two heavy jacks. Ol' Rowdy is Stryker's permenant companion and often is my "second wave" hard hitter. The storm clad is my main beatstick in the army, and he doesn't dissapoint.

And finally the infantry contingent. The StormGuard are great anti infantry and a hard hitting first wave. The two units of Stormblades are the core of the army. One is in traditional blue colors while the others are wearing white and the Black Swan, the symbol of Stryker's personal cadre from the storm brigade.

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the stuff I've gotten painted in my absence!