Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finished Cygnar Charger and Thunderhead WIP

Well my summer painting projects are rolling a long. By the end of the summer I wanted three fully painted 35 pt. armies for both my Cryx and Cygnar. eSkarre and pSkarre were 100% done months ago, now eStryker is finished. eNemo is coming close to completion, and pDenny is at least started!

I finished off the Charger last night for eNemo's army. I shied away from this jack for a while, but Nemo loves it. It's perfect long range fire support for the Hammersmith and Thunderhead as they move across the field. I usually load it up with the full 3 focus and then matrix back anything I didn't need when Nemo gets his turn.
Thunderhead is next on the list. I've been slowly working on him between other paints right now. This jack is an incredible sculpt and all of the large empty spaces really need a little TLC to get the highlights right. I threw in an extra stage to my normal painting of whites, two extra stages to my normal painting of blues, and three extra stages for my golds on this guy. I'm proud of the progress thus far.
I've also wrapped up the alt. pDenny sculpt and Nightmare. I'll get some pics snapped of them later on this week. I've had a pretty solid run of games with my pDenny list over the last month. Needed to take a break from the boy's in blue and get back to my Cryx-y roots...

Stay cool!

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