Monday, April 6, 2015

It's the End of the World as We Know It...

Hey fellow nerds. Happy Spring. Sorry there hasn't been a lot of activity on the old blog of late, life has been a bit pressing for lack of a better term. Not a ton of hobby time either. Thus far in 2015 I've painted three models.
-A character for our Pathfinder campaign
- A single Cygnar model
-and a Wood Elf Standard Bearer...

Yep. Wood elves. The army that brought me back into collecting and painting about ten years ago. The army that would lead to our reinvigoration with 40k  and then the adoption of Warmahordes.

The pointy eared, pissed off, tree huggers are back on the project table.

But D-9! I hear you exclaim, isn't GW blowing up fantasy? Wiping things out? Starting fresh?

Yep, and that is what has brought me back to the models. The aesthetics of the early 00s GW models in the fantasy line are some of my favorites. When I saw the writing on the wall that GW was doing away with a big chunk of its fantasy line I started hunting ebay for models to complete my Wood Elves. I've been particular. The aesthetic I'm going for is the model range from two codexes ago, which was when I first picked up the wood elf line. That means no plastic eternal guard or the (gods awful) Wildwood Rangers. Araloth is merely a bad dream and my treeman is both stumpy and metal. My wild riders actually look like elves, not bad scooby doo villians on reindeer and the only sisters I acknowledge are the ones who ride a giant fucking dragon.

I've gathered up about 5-6k points of wood elves at this point and have started painting them again. I'm trying to get back to the style and tone I had eight years ago, which has been tough. I've been touching up models here and there to see if I can get some consistency across the collection as well. I'll have pictures of everything that is done, old and new, later this week.

Confession time. Though it is the game that brought me into the hobby some 20 or so years ago, I have played less than 20 games of Warhammer Fantasy... EVER. I loved the models, but the style of the game never quite did it for me. SO the question then is, why are the elves back? There's something about knowing a system has become a closed set, something with which all the variables are known. This is Warhammer Fantasy8th edition at this point. It is a game I can always dust off the shelf and play as opposed to having to FOLLOW. Likewise, I like what Mantic is doing with Kings of War, so I've been consciously making sure the wood elves fit in to the Mantic model as well.

Here's what is on the plate:

-Orion +puppies
-2x Spellweavers
-Lord w/ great weapon
-Battle Standard Bearer
-20 glade guard
-20 glade guard
-38 eternal guard
-10 blade dancers
-6 Way Watchers
-10 glade riders
-10 wild riders
-20 dryads
-6 tree kin

Come on back later this week for some pics of the progress.