Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Ulthwe that Was...

I don't have many pictures of the old army. It was a simpler time when our phones didn't connect to the internet and have professional cameras built in... But here's what I do have. As I said last post, this was one of my first ever 100% painted armies.

That's some rough paint work right there... 

As I started to pull the new army together I was focused on the same old fluff that had caused me to put the original force together. Ulthwe meant lots of Guardians, lots of psykers, and lots of small vehicles such as war walkers and vypers. They would of course be led by Eldrad and a seer council and I would hold off on any aspect warriors for the time being. 

I also looked at my old color scheme and wanted to stick to the same general idea, while actually making sure this project looked GOOD. 

I started with a limited color pallet. The basic black guardian would be black with dry brushes of reaper's ghost white (still one of my favorite paints on the rack.) The armor would feature wraith bone details depending on the squad and all the weapons would be wraithbone as well. I also decided early on that no metallics would show up in this project. Red would still be a contrasting color, but only on gems and unique squad markings. I brought in Trollblood Base (blue) as my new color for fabrics in the army.  My daughter decided that they should be based on a desert scheme as well. 

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the first models of the new army! 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

+-+-+ Re-BOOTING+-+-+

Well what do you know... my blog still exists! I think I've posted more re-starting messages in the last few years than real posts, but oh well. It's not like anyone reads this crap short of getting directed here for the pictures from searches anyways.

And wow did people get re-directed here. A LOT. The statistics are a bit mind blowing as to how many times some of these pages have been seen.

Anyway, back to hobbying. I have been painting. A lot. New Pathfinder campaign brought new models to the table for the PCs as well as a few additional figures for Zombiecide. The big news around my hobby desk has been a return to the 41st millennium. That's right kiddies, the K is back on the table. Privateer lost me a bit with the new edition. The NSHU boys have mostly been playing board games and Armada, so I've been back in a hobby wilderness with no real project to focus on.

Then came a little game called Overkill. It had some cool models in it. So I painted them.

And then ordered some more.

It was great feeling to be painting GW plastic again. Then I decided I needed a real project. Something to sink my teeth into.

I decided to re-create one of my old 40k armies.

Back in the early 00s, we played a lot of 40k. A lot. One of my favorite armies came from the original Eye of Terror book; the Ulthwe Strike Force. It was one of my first completely painted armies (although it certainly wasn't well painted) and I took it to a fair amount of events. When 40k died off for us a few years back, it was sold along with most of the rest of my collection. I always loved the look and the fluff of the Ulthwe craftworld, so I decided to re-create that army. The new Gathering Storm books offered some updated rules and fluff for the strike forces so I set out to pull together the Black Guardians of Ulthwe and their Seer Council.

Pics and updates to come!

Friday, February 19, 2016

More Talion

Two more solos done, and that wraps most of the named crew. Next up will be all of the Sea Dogs and Walls. I'm happy with how everything is looking.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Progress on the Talion

Two new crew members to share tonight. I'm playing with the scheme on the solos to try to make them unique, but still part of the larger whole.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Captain Phineas Shae

While this army isn't for me, I'm really enjoying putting it together. Seeing the scheme across the battlegroup validates the color choices. There's actually a lot of different color work on Shae's metallics that gets bleached out in the pictures, but I think you can at least get the idea.

From here, my next few sessions will focus on the solos of the army: Hawk, Grogspar, Rockbottom, and Doc. I'm going to play with the color scheme across each solo so they stand out from the rest of the army. Hawk will focus on the red, Grospar the black, Rockbottom the yellow and Doc the white. Should be interesting. Pics ahoy!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Zombiecide: Black Plague Survivors

Of all the game based Kickstarters I have backed, this one is hands down my favorite. The game itself is a lot of fun, the models are great, and I'm  looking forward to the rest of the KS rewards to paint.

These are the six survivors that come with the core game. I painted the zombies as well, but simply base coated them in colors corresponding their roles (walkers: brown, runners: red, fatties: blue) and then gave them an ink wash. They look great on the table and make it much easier to visualize the game state as we play.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reaper Bones Dragons

Last post for tonight... two Bones minis from Reaper. Both dragons that I think painted up really well.

Bones is a mixed bag for me. For large creatures, like the two pictured below, I think it's an awesome material and very easy to paint. For smaller models, specifically PC models, I find that it lacks the detail I am am used to in other materials. Enjoy some dragon goodness:

The Zo dog is happily watching me take pictures in the last shot...