Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Ulthwe that Was...

I don't have many pictures of the old army. It was a simpler time when our phones didn't connect to the internet and have professional cameras built in... But here's what I do have. As I said last post, this was one of my first ever 100% painted armies.

That's some rough paint work right there... 

As I started to pull the new army together I was focused on the same old fluff that had caused me to put the original force together. Ulthwe meant lots of Guardians, lots of psykers, and lots of small vehicles such as war walkers and vypers. They would of course be led by Eldrad and a seer council and I would hold off on any aspect warriors for the time being. 

I also looked at my old color scheme and wanted to stick to the same general idea, while actually making sure this project looked GOOD. 

I started with a limited color pallet. The basic black guardian would be black with dry brushes of reaper's ghost white (still one of my favorite paints on the rack.) The armor would feature wraith bone details depending on the squad and all the weapons would be wraithbone as well. I also decided early on that no metallics would show up in this project. Red would still be a contrasting color, but only on gems and unique squad markings. I brought in Trollblood Base (blue) as my new color for fabrics in the army.  My daughter decided that they should be based on a desert scheme as well. 

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the first models of the new army! 

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