Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Games with Nemo 3

Good evening gentle gamers!
No pretty pictures tonight, my humble apologies, just some thoughts on Cygnar's latest caster.

A beautiful night in the garage for the Carney Gaming and Drinking League. I rolled back to Cygnar tonight to give Nemo 3 a test drive and see how he performed. Some thoughts:

My List Building Plan: I wanted to take a tier list and focus on lightening damage to get the most out of the feat. At 35 points, that didnt give me a lot of wiggle room.

Nemo 3+ Finch

Min Stormguard
3x stormcallers
min. Mechanics
Storm Tower

So going into the game I was happy with the zappy. Lots of extra damage on the feat turn (Nemo 3's feat gives an extra dice to all electrical damage that originates from within his control) and some shennigans with Nemo's ability to ignore his own troops for electroleaps.

The plan was good.

The outcome was not.

Game 1:  vs. Skorne. Nemo got too far up while trying to maximize his feat (which was impressive) but still got knifed in the face my Morghul.

Game 2: vs. Gators. Baranbas is still my least favorite caster to play in the game. Anyways, Nemo got to live the dream in the feat turn with a pretty impressive Thunderhead pulse, but I think I screwed up my order of activation and didn't clear as much as I should have. He failed an assasination attempt, but Barney was sitting at def. 19 and I just couldn't crack him. Scenario win for the dirty swamp suckers.

Game 3: vs. Skorne. Another great feat turn and then, damn those Skorne are fast... knife to the face... again.

0/3... not a good night for the reigning champ... not a good return to Cygnar...

Observations: Nemo 3 is fun. With some practice, he might be a good casual caster. I like my list. Nothing there that would be immediately shifted out. At 50 points I would definitely try to get a stormclad in there and some stormblades. The Strider has a home in this list, I just didn't play it too well tonight. The biggest problem is the Admiral Ackbar Conundrum...

The feat looks so good. His control area looks so big. Those damage rolls kill stuff so nicely...


Every time I found myself too far forward, trying to get too tricky, then I died. Next time, a solid turn 2 feat that pumps up the strider, the storm tower and Nemo's gun is safe.

Finch is definitely equal to a squire. The free upkeep is awesome but the added focus during allocation is actually in a way slightly more valuable than a squire.

Any which way. Fun games tonight even with the losses. I am finding more and more that Circle is fitting my play style more than my other two factions, but always fun to mix it up.