Saturday, February 26, 2011

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages

Just some pics this evening!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wargaming Accessories Review: MAS Warmachine Template

Hey everyone out there in wargame land! My finger is recovering from several evenings of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so excuse the shortness of tonight's post. This is the first in a series of reviews of the various doo dads, knicknacks, and hoober joobers that I've found to be of great use in my gaming/ hobbying. I've learned about a lot of cool things from other's blogs, so I figured it was time to return the favor.

Tonight's item is a little gem I snagged from The Warstore in my last order. It's a multi side template meant to be used for Warmachine/ Hordes. One side is a .5" melee guage, the other is a 2" reach guage. The long side is 6" to help with move ment.

The template is a little on the thin side, especially when compared to the GF9 series of Warcogs and Warclaws. I picked it up in an obnoxious "you can't lose me even if you want to" orange color. My main goal was to have a melee guage that I would have a hard time losing (my "official" melee guage from the Privateer Press template set lasted about a month before being reported MIA) and that would be easier to stick down on the table, So far, this guy seems like it does the trick on both regards.

(This blog is not sponsored by Mirco art studios or The Warstore. However, if either of those most excellent businesses would like to sponsor my humble little sight and shower me in material goods, moolah, or just acknowledge my little corner of the interweb's presence, I would be grateful.)

In painting news, Gunmages are finished and being sealed. I have the UA to paint up still and am currently working on a Cyclone. Images by the weekend!

Be well,


Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Night Warmahordes

Happy President's Day!

In honor of great men we played with little metal men last night and drank a lot of beer. All 8 of the GWWC were in attendance last night with lots of games being played.

The forces of the Cygnus faced off against Cmmdr. Strakhov in my first game of the night. Siege set up a beautiful assasination run... except I forgot he had occultation on his caster and was there fore stealthed. Now, I had to spend the 2 focus to drop the stealth + the 2 focus for the foxhole leaving me not enough to finish him off even with Reinholdt's shot. Still, I had Strakhov down to 3 and then Ed pulled off a win on scenario. I was not happy with myself.

Game two saw a turn two assasination againt pKreoss as Kutch pulled him up a little too close. Foxhole, feat, 2 boosted rocket shots and the B13 for the last wound.

That game was done so quickly we decided to throw again. This time the tables were turned as the Kutch pulled off a scenario win in mosh pit after just boxing my cyclone with everything he had. Great game though and it would of been totally different had I decided to blow my feat the turn before instead of holding onto it like an idiot.

My last game of the night was against the Bad News Elves of Joey Baltimore. The elves have had a rough week. The whole "vengeance against the humans" thing isn't going to well for them. eStryker pulled off a scenario win after JB didn't have his arcanist all the way in the control zone.

Good times were had by all. Some pics of our tables for the evening are included as well as some shots of Hanan's newly painted gators, which look awesome.

Be well!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marcus "Siege" Brisbane

I need to do a real photo session sometime soon, but here's a quick (and crappy) shot of Siege.

Siege is my number two caster after eStryker and now that I've got the hang of him, I'm been very happy with how he plays.

Painting wise, I wanted him to "pop" a bit so he's got quite a bit of white in his overall scheme with the gold and silver that match up to the Cygnar jacks. The sealant coats really dulled out the lightening effect on his hammer. So much that I'm tempted to go back and touch it up. For an older model, he was still packed with detail. I'm not a huge fan of the facial scuplt, as there really wasn't much to work with.

I'm currently working on my gunmages, and hope to have them done sometime this weekend. After that will probably be Triumph so Siege can have "his" jack all painted up.

Lots of GWWC action this weekend!

Be well,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Menoth vs. Cygnar vs. Cryx

Tonight saw an interesting three player game in good ol' D-9's wargaming lair. The Kutch broke out Amon while Lupes brought his old favorite, Epic Ass Face (Asphyixious). I let Kutch randomly pull a list off my iBodger for me to play and ended up giving pHaley a run for the first time.

How Not to Play pHaley
1: take an army like I did...
   -full Precursor Knights and UA
2: Cast her spell that has a jack make a random movement at a castigator and then have it advance TOWARDS your army with nothing to hurt it.

3: Forget to use your feat.

I managed to win the three player game by putting the last 6 points of damage on Asphyxious and then have Thorn survive a turn of Menoth punishment (with one box left) My precursors charged Thorn on the next turn, killing him and giving me some nice sight lines for the defender and the Black 13th to put Amon in the ground.  Kutch and I played a second game wherein the terrible spell was cast. I did remember to pop my feat, and had a decent shot at a ranged kill on Amon, but rolled terribly on three dice and lost by scenario the next turn.

The evening's lessons:
1: pHaley needs a lot of infantry to make her feat worthwhile.
2: scramble is a terribly fickle spell.
3: temporal barrier is awesome... but costs way too much focus.
4: hunters have parry! Who woulda thunk?
5: Amon's jacks are killing machines far beyond normal Menoth jacks.
6: Ass face still sucks. 
7: Thorn is made of pure awesome.

I'll give Capt. Haley another shot some day in the future with a different list. She felt very odd tonight, but her affinity with Thorn that allows her to arc while in combat is awesome. Thorn was rolling at armor 21 for most of the night with arcane shield on meaning he could soak up some damage, all the while Haley's blasting away.

Here's a shot of Kutch's Amon and Castigator I painted up for him:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warmachine Battle Reports: GWWC Update

Wednesday night fights this week were two GWWC games for me. Before we started though, there was birthday cake for Reese... with a Menofix on it... greatest. cake. ever.

Game one, Reese ran Severius with a big block of flameguard, 2 light jacks, 2 heavy jacks (I still can't tell menoth jacks apart) choir, the book a vassal and maybe something else. I ran my Siege list. We rolled the three objective mission. I gave up the left most objective from deployment on and set my army up to take the right objective and then bull rush the middle. A trencher chain gun, supported by the Black 13th under stealth in a forest ran up and got on the objective, to dig in next turn and start dropping cover fire. The B13 moved up to be able to take one strong round of shooting when I popped the feat. The real stars of the game were Boomhowler. Under arcane shield from Jr. and a 4+ tough roll, they managed to tarpit up the middle of the table long enough for a great feat turn and an eventual win on scenario. Great game overall.

Game two brought Web's mercs with Ashlynn at the helm while I kept Siege on the table. Mosh pit was our scenario, but it ended in a turn 4 caster kill by Siege and Triumph. Alexia is brutal but the thing that impressed me most in Web's army was the mule. That's one nasty jack when Marshalled to the gunmages with Dougal buffing it. Over all, another awesome game with groundpounder providing the knockout punch.

On the painting table, my Stormguard are almost done with Siege started. The next unit to hit the priming box will be the gunmages just to get a break from blue armor. Next round of games should be Saturday night.

Be well!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cygnar vs. Minions: A Day of Games

So after sitting in continuing ed all morning, Hanan and I got a full afternoon of 4 games in. We split the day 2-2 (he won the one that mattered though!) and had some quality matches.

I played two lists:
Ol' Rowdy
Stormblades + UA+ 1 WA
Stormblades + UA+ 1 WA
Min. Stormguard

min Boomhowler
Black 13th
2x Trencher Chainguns

So Minions? I hate gators. I have not yet been able to (fairly) take down Barnabas. The water pits that he's able to place give my Cygnar lists fits. Against my full melee army I still have trouble, because when I can get to his infantry, I have trouble dropping them. Storm Guard seem to be the best bet, as electro leap lets me get that extra one or two wounds on an 8 wound model that finally drops them. The beasts aren't that tough either, however getting to see the turtle in action tonight has given me some new respect for him. Pigs were cool too, especially under Carver. He is a beast in melee and under him a slow army is frighteningly fast. Arkadius crumbled pretty easy under fire, but he does make the pigs pretty tough.

First game I got annihilated against gators. Second game I blew the assisantion attempt. Third game I gunned down Arkadius pretty fair and square, last game I managed to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat with a well played feat turn, triumph and Siege + Reinholdt.

Here's some pics of the day!

And Zoe watched from the couch...

Be well!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black 13th

Here are some quick shots of my Black 13th. I wanted them to look a little less glitzy than the official paint scheme, so I dropped the yellow trim from the jackets, chosing to stay with something a little more grey/black. I did want to keep the three of them tied into the rest of my Cygnar army so the blue armor plates can be found in one or two places and a little bit of gold trim makes some appearences. Hopefully I'll get some better pics soon.

GWWC Update

Well my wargaming has fallen back a bit due to a sudden attack of real life... the GWWC rolls on however, and hopefully I'll get some of my games caught up this weekend. In other gaming news, I finished up the Black 13th tonight and am almost done the min. Stormguard. Going to throw in a warcaster to change up my painting before I tackle the second unit of Stormblades and the two gunners.

Current GWWC Standings

Joey Baltimore: 4-2
Web: 3-2
Lupes: 2-3
Ed: 2-2
Reese: 2-2
the Kutch: 3-4
Hanan: 3-3
D-9: 1-2

Man I need to play some games... looks like the angry elves are off to a strong start... but in a fantasy sterotype so broad it hurts the mercenary dwarves are pulling in for a challenge.

Pics of the b13 tomorrow.