Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cygnar vs. Minions: A Day of Games

So after sitting in continuing ed all morning, Hanan and I got a full afternoon of 4 games in. We split the day 2-2 (he won the one that mattered though!) and had some quality matches.

I played two lists:
Ol' Rowdy
Stormblades + UA+ 1 WA
Stormblades + UA+ 1 WA
Min. Stormguard

min Boomhowler
Black 13th
2x Trencher Chainguns

So Minions? I hate gators. I have not yet been able to (fairly) take down Barnabas. The water pits that he's able to place give my Cygnar lists fits. Against my full melee army I still have trouble, because when I can get to his infantry, I have trouble dropping them. Storm Guard seem to be the best bet, as electro leap lets me get that extra one or two wounds on an 8 wound model that finally drops them. The beasts aren't that tough either, however getting to see the turtle in action tonight has given me some new respect for him. Pigs were cool too, especially under Carver. He is a beast in melee and under him a slow army is frighteningly fast. Arkadius crumbled pretty easy under fire, but he does make the pigs pretty tough.

First game I got annihilated against gators. Second game I blew the assisantion attempt. Third game I gunned down Arkadius pretty fair and square, last game I managed to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat with a well played feat turn, triumph and Siege + Reinholdt.

Here's some pics of the day!

And Zoe watched from the couch...

Be well!


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  1. BAH! We forgot Carver had tough, he may well have survived that last game as you were down to your last attack against him for the kill! ;)

    We'll remember next time, sort of like when I threw Baranabus at you and forgot to feat and then couldn't figure out why my assassination attempt failed so miserably.