Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marcus "Siege" Brisbane

I need to do a real photo session sometime soon, but here's a quick (and crappy) shot of Siege.

Siege is my number two caster after eStryker and now that I've got the hang of him, I'm been very happy with how he plays.

Painting wise, I wanted him to "pop" a bit so he's got quite a bit of white in his overall scheme with the gold and silver that match up to the Cygnar jacks. The sealant coats really dulled out the lightening effect on his hammer. So much that I'm tempted to go back and touch it up. For an older model, he was still packed with detail. I'm not a huge fan of the facial scuplt, as there really wasn't much to work with.

I'm currently working on my gunmages, and hope to have them done sometime this weekend. After that will probably be Triumph so Siege can have "his" jack all painted up.

Lots of GWWC action this weekend!

Be well,


  1. Looks very nice. Cygnar works well with a little more white in the color scheme.

  2. try putting a thin layer of paint on glossy varnish over the lightning effect. I can bring some over this weekend if you have none.

  3. "i spent all my money on this nice paint job, too bad i still roll 1's"