Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wargaming Accessories Review: MAS Warmachine Template

Hey everyone out there in wargame land! My finger is recovering from several evenings of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so excuse the shortness of tonight's post. This is the first in a series of reviews of the various doo dads, knicknacks, and hoober joobers that I've found to be of great use in my gaming/ hobbying. I've learned about a lot of cool things from other's blogs, so I figured it was time to return the favor.

Tonight's item is a little gem I snagged from The Warstore in my last order. It's a multi side template meant to be used for Warmachine/ Hordes. One side is a .5" melee guage, the other is a 2" reach guage. The long side is 6" to help with move ment.

The template is a little on the thin side, especially when compared to the GF9 series of Warcogs and Warclaws. I picked it up in an obnoxious "you can't lose me even if you want to" orange color. My main goal was to have a melee guage that I would have a hard time losing (my "official" melee guage from the Privateer Press template set lasted about a month before being reported MIA) and that would be easier to stick down on the table, So far, this guy seems like it does the trick on both regards.

(This blog is not sponsored by Mirco art studios or The Warstore. However, if either of those most excellent businesses would like to sponsor my humble little sight and shower me in material goods, moolah, or just acknowledge my little corner of the interweb's presence, I would be grateful.)

In painting news, Gunmages are finished and being sealed. I have the UA to paint up still and am currently working on a Cyclone. Images by the weekend!

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