Sunday, February 13, 2011

Menoth vs. Cygnar vs. Cryx

Tonight saw an interesting three player game in good ol' D-9's wargaming lair. The Kutch broke out Amon while Lupes brought his old favorite, Epic Ass Face (Asphyixious). I let Kutch randomly pull a list off my iBodger for me to play and ended up giving pHaley a run for the first time.

How Not to Play pHaley
1: take an army like I did...
   -full Precursor Knights and UA
2: Cast her spell that has a jack make a random movement at a castigator and then have it advance TOWARDS your army with nothing to hurt it.

3: Forget to use your feat.

I managed to win the three player game by putting the last 6 points of damage on Asphyxious and then have Thorn survive a turn of Menoth punishment (with one box left) My precursors charged Thorn on the next turn, killing him and giving me some nice sight lines for the defender and the Black 13th to put Amon in the ground.  Kutch and I played a second game wherein the terrible spell was cast. I did remember to pop my feat, and had a decent shot at a ranged kill on Amon, but rolled terribly on three dice and lost by scenario the next turn.

The evening's lessons:
1: pHaley needs a lot of infantry to make her feat worthwhile.
2: scramble is a terribly fickle spell.
3: temporal barrier is awesome... but costs way too much focus.
4: hunters have parry! Who woulda thunk?
5: Amon's jacks are killing machines far beyond normal Menoth jacks.
6: Ass face still sucks. 
7: Thorn is made of pure awesome.

I'll give Capt. Haley another shot some day in the future with a different list. She felt very odd tonight, but her affinity with Thorn that allows her to arc while in combat is awesome. Thorn was rolling at armor 21 for most of the night with arcane shield on meaning he could soak up some damage, all the while Haley's blasting away.

Here's a shot of Kutch's Amon and Castigator I painted up for him:

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