Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warmachine Battle Reports: GWWC Update

Wednesday night fights this week were two GWWC games for me. Before we started though, there was birthday cake for Reese... with a Menofix on it... greatest. cake. ever.

Game one, Reese ran Severius with a big block of flameguard, 2 light jacks, 2 heavy jacks (I still can't tell menoth jacks apart) choir, the book a vassal and maybe something else. I ran my Siege list. We rolled the three objective mission. I gave up the left most objective from deployment on and set my army up to take the right objective and then bull rush the middle. A trencher chain gun, supported by the Black 13th under stealth in a forest ran up and got on the objective, to dig in next turn and start dropping cover fire. The B13 moved up to be able to take one strong round of shooting when I popped the feat. The real stars of the game were Boomhowler. Under arcane shield from Jr. and a 4+ tough roll, they managed to tarpit up the middle of the table long enough for a great feat turn and an eventual win on scenario. Great game overall.

Game two brought Web's mercs with Ashlynn at the helm while I kept Siege on the table. Mosh pit was our scenario, but it ended in a turn 4 caster kill by Siege and Triumph. Alexia is brutal but the thing that impressed me most in Web's army was the mule. That's one nasty jack when Marshalled to the gunmages with Dougal buffing it. Over all, another awesome game with groundpounder providing the knockout punch.

On the painting table, my Stormguard are almost done with Siege started. The next unit to hit the priming box will be the gunmages just to get a break from blue armor. Next round of games should be Saturday night.

Be well!

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  1. lost in all this was the horrible destruction of the elves by those bastards of fantasy fiction, the dwarves.

    apparently if a slammed model hits a wall, it stops, who knew? stupid rules.

    see you in the second round