Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Night Warmahordes

Happy President's Day!

In honor of great men we played with little metal men last night and drank a lot of beer. All 8 of the GWWC were in attendance last night with lots of games being played.

The forces of the Cygnus faced off against Cmmdr. Strakhov in my first game of the night. Siege set up a beautiful assasination run... except I forgot he had occultation on his caster and was there fore stealthed. Now, I had to spend the 2 focus to drop the stealth + the 2 focus for the foxhole leaving me not enough to finish him off even with Reinholdt's shot. Still, I had Strakhov down to 3 and then Ed pulled off a win on scenario. I was not happy with myself.

Game two saw a turn two assasination againt pKreoss as Kutch pulled him up a little too close. Foxhole, feat, 2 boosted rocket shots and the B13 for the last wound.

That game was done so quickly we decided to throw again. This time the tables were turned as the Kutch pulled off a scenario win in mosh pit after just boxing my cyclone with everything he had. Great game though and it would of been totally different had I decided to blow my feat the turn before instead of holding onto it like an idiot.

My last game of the night was against the Bad News Elves of Joey Baltimore. The elves have had a rough week. The whole "vengeance against the humans" thing isn't going to well for them. eStryker pulled off a scenario win after JB didn't have his arcanist all the way in the control zone.

Good times were had by all. Some pics of our tables for the evening are included as well as some shots of Hanan's newly painted gators, which look awesome.

Be well!

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