Thursday, January 28, 2010

Warmachine... My Devious Plot and Skarre all painted up!

First, a big thanks to Bell of Lost Souls, as I'm now listed on their blogroll. Someone other than Joey B and I might actually read this thing now!

So I'm excited about Warmachine in a way I haven't been about a game in a long time. Don't get me wrong, 40k is still number one, but I'm very impressed with the depth I'm finding in the WM rules. We've played a few games of mangled metal, but soon hope to grow up to 25 points. We'll stick there for a while, then hit 35 and sooner or later top out at 50 points.
To help me with the assembly and painting motivation, I jumped into the Priv. press forums army builder challenge. You can find me there as... D-9... not too original.

My 25 point list looks a little something like this:
10 satyxis
sea witch
6 Mech Thralls
Necro Surgeon + 3 stitch thralls

Obviously this list is not exactly finesse. Skarre's abilities seem to lend to punching the enemy in the face, specifically their jacks with feedback to hurt the enemy caster. I've read up a little bit on the "focus factory" for Skarre, so that's what the Mc Thralls are for. Anyone who is warmachine knowledgeable, please comment away.

Skarre is painted and ready to go. Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just some photos of recent Vostroyan projects for today. Got the light box out and took a few shots. Skarre is 100% done now, and is the foundation for my 25 pt. warmachine army. I think those models will be my main focus for a bit, and after 25 points are painted and sealed I'll get back to work on the Vostroyans. I'll save pics of Skarre for tomorrow. So without further delay:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Skarre WIP

Here she is in all her pirate-y- goodness. I'm a huge fan of this model. I haven't dull coated her yet, so she's still a bit shiny. My only concern is the base. I tried something new for the wave effect and am not sold on it yet.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Wargaming

Got some game time in this weekend and some hobby time as well.

First, gaming. The 518th Vostroyan Rifles lined up across from the new Tyranids in an Annihilation mission. I made a few really rotten reserve decisions followed by some even more rotten reserve rolls. My line was cut in half and even though we put up a hell of a fight, the majority of the fuzzy hats were eaten by the Great Devourer. My Company Commander lived again, continuing his streak of surviving battles. 7 in a row!

I was impressed by the new bugs. Still can't make a judgement on power, but the army was fun to play against. We talked for a long time after the games were done, mostly about game balance, and the general agreement is that the newer Codexes seem to be relatively well balanced. What's more, they are fun to play and fun to play against. Orks, Marines, Guard, Wolves, Bugs all fall into this category. Everything else is desperately in need of seeing some revisions. Which brings us too...

/rant With the latest Blood Angels rumors popping up, I'm convinved that my Dark Angels will not be seeing the table until they get re-released. Maybe GW will throw us a bone when the Blood Angels get released, but I doubt it. First Legion? Maybe worst legion... /rantoff

Warmachine Update:
Got a single twisted metal game in post 40k throw down. I pulled off a caster kill against Joey B as he left Stryker out in the open where a slayer, Deneghra, and a deathripper all hit him in the face. I'm really enjoying this game. The rules are complex, but feel natural. It was a bit difficult going between the two rulesets though... I've been working on my 25 point list (which is where we're going next) and painting Skarre (pictures to come.) now that I have my Cryx deck, I can finalize some ideas. Here's 25:
Army Points: 25

Name Cost
Pirate Queen Skarre
Mechanithralls 6
Satyxis Raiders 10
Sea Witch

I went for fluff along with practicallity, so we shall see how she fares. I'm pumped to paint some of the darkly gorgeous female sculpts after the boys club that is warhammer 40k. The Satyxis look to be a fun theme for the army as well, and with the recent previews I think I can stick to that theme as I build.

Well that's all for now. In real world, little dissapointed with today's games. It has been good seeing the Percy Jackson trailer multiple times though!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warmachine Update

Played a couple of games last weekend with just the starter box and I really enjoyed it. The mechanics seemed intuative and the games were quick and enjoyable. I don't think it's going to replace 40k any time soon, but it certainly will be played side by side.

I think I'll definitely be sticking with my initial plan of a Skarre/ pirate themed cryx army. Some pictures are below of my ebay winnings. I also painted up Denny as a test. Then I did some work on a defiler for a feel of how to paint the jacks. All below for your enjoyment.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deneghra WIP

She's tiny. Very, very tiny. Here's about an hour or so's work on my first warcaster. Have not done any washing on the few pieces of metallics yet. The face was a bear, but I'm happy with it for now.

Happy New Year!

I've decided to give Privateer Press a shake in the New Year based on some favorable reviews about the Mark II system. I'm going to go with Cryx, simply to have a chance to paint some female models again. GW really doesn't do too well with making good looking (or any) female models, so it will be a nice throwback to my Reaper days. I'm really pumped about this, and will probably focus my limited hobby time on first the Cryx boxed set, and then my Skarre warband when we figure out what we're doing.

Here's the starter set. I'm going to go with a slightly modified paint scheme from the official PP one. Replacing the dark green with dark purple while keeping the greys, green necrovents, and the off gold metallics. The bases will be water themed, either swampy or beach, we'll see.

On the 40k side, we're getting ready to launch a new campaign, so I'm still working on getting my guard finished. I put together 6 grey knight terminators who have been stuck on my shelf for a few years in anticipation of allying them with my Vostroyans during the campaign. The planetstrike board is also off to a good start with the board itsself painted and the fortress primed and started as well.