Thursday, January 28, 2010

Warmachine... My Devious Plot and Skarre all painted up!

First, a big thanks to Bell of Lost Souls, as I'm now listed on their blogroll. Someone other than Joey B and I might actually read this thing now!

So I'm excited about Warmachine in a way I haven't been about a game in a long time. Don't get me wrong, 40k is still number one, but I'm very impressed with the depth I'm finding in the WM rules. We've played a few games of mangled metal, but soon hope to grow up to 25 points. We'll stick there for a while, then hit 35 and sooner or later top out at 50 points.
To help me with the assembly and painting motivation, I jumped into the Priv. press forums army builder challenge. You can find me there as... D-9... not too original.

My 25 point list looks a little something like this:
10 satyxis
sea witch
6 Mech Thralls
Necro Surgeon + 3 stitch thralls

Obviously this list is not exactly finesse. Skarre's abilities seem to lend to punching the enemy in the face, specifically their jacks with feedback to hurt the enemy caster. I've read up a little bit on the "focus factory" for Skarre, so that's what the Mc Thralls are for. Anyone who is warmachine knowledgeable, please comment away.

Skarre is painted and ready to go. Enjoy the pics.


  1. first of all, i changed to my net name in case any of the internet actually shows up here. second, now i know your plan.