Tuesday, February 2, 2010

C'mon Snow Day....

Looks to be a messy day tomorrow in the mid east... that could mean some hobby time instead of going to work. Could even mean getting some Warmachine games in. But before then, time for a little blog update.

Ok, has everyone read the latest legal tomfoolery posted about the net?
I for one am really turned off by game companies who seem to spend more time developing their legal departments than their rules. If GW could take a few moments to actually playtest, proofread, and edit their codexes instead of printing C&D orders maybe 40k wouldn't feel quite as sloppy in the rules department as it does. As for Lone Wolf, I enjoy army builder, but I often have wondered why/how this company justifies charging the ammount they do for essentially a program that does very little except allow other people to do their work when it comes to programing. Privateer comes off as the winner in this one as far as I'm concerned. Their reply is priceless. I guess our upcoming podcast can no longer be called "East Coast Army Builders"" eh? Interested to see what my lawyer friends have to say about this.

Ok, let me get this out of the way. I finally read the book. Well the rules portions at least, and I have one thing to say.... Doom of Malantai= WTF? Talk about a stupidly broken unit... Ahh GW... I guess I can rest well knowing that if my Dark Angels and World Eaters ever get re-done this decade they will be made of pure awesome the way things are going. Other than the silliness that is the Doom, I sorta like the book. I feel it has a few things that are superfluious and don't seem to stick with the flavor of the fluff, but overall it should be fun to play against... except for the doom... did I mention that thing sucks?

Oh well til tomorrow.

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  1. Doom isn't broken, it helps nids deal with mech.