Saturday, February 13, 2010

2250 Tourney Playtesting

Greetings from the frozen lands of Baltimore! Our gaming group converged on my war room today for some mid afternoon 40k. The new tyranids were put to the test on all three tables, and 2/3s of the time were found lacking.

My goal was to playtest my possible list for the upcoming 2250/ superheavy tournament in March. I took Tiny the Titan out for his first real spin with a half finished paint job, and high hopes for uber distruction. He was joined by my always dependable World Eaters led by Kharn. My opponent went without a super heavy in order to try out many more of the new bugs, this meant multiple tervigons, a mawloc, a trigon, a carnifex brood, hive guard, hive tyrants, and the kitchen sink. To make a long story short, I won. Unfortuately, it wasn't really because of the titan. Don't get me wrong, nothing touched the beast and it did do some good shooting, but all major parts of the game were won just the way they always are, by guys in red power armor hitting things in the face with a chain axe. With today's results in mind, I think I'll be dropping the titan and taking my brass scoprion. It's fluffier anyway, and is 350 points less allowing for more krunchy khorne goodness. A few pictures for everyone above. Until next time.


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  1. what is that titan doing to that land raider? that's gross.