Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'Tis a Pirate's Life For Me!

Yawr matey's... hoist the skull and bones and send up the grog!

Ok enough pirate talk... but damn am I sold on Skarre and her crew of horny demonic pirate babes. These ladies are fun to play and have proved a very solid army for me as I'm trying to wear some of the shine off my newb pin when it comes to Warmachine. My current list at 25 points:
Army Points: 25

Name Cost
Pirate Queen Skarre -6
Skarlock 2
Deathripper 4
Slayer 6
Necrosurgeon (3) 2
Mechanithralls (6/10) 3
Black Ogrun Boarding Party (3/5) 4
Satyxis Raiders (10/10) 8
Sea Witch (undefined 2

As you can see, six of the satyxis and the jacks are now painted as well. I figure I'll finish the satyxis off and then hit the seawitch. After that I will probably churn out the mech thralls. We shall see.

The army is fast, furious, and fragile. The skarlock works at providing the focus factory for Skarre while the necrosurgeon tails skarre keeping her healed and bringing back any mech thralls that may fall along the way. I try to use stitch thralls as the sacrifice victims. The slayer is Skarre's bodyguard while the deathripper runs out in front for arc purposes. Primarily it's all about isolating a jack, hitting it with backlash and then letting the ladies with the whips do their thing. The ogrun serve as beatsticks themselves, but also can help with moving things around with a lucky harpoon shot. In the end, Skarre has also won a game or two simply by camping focus and getting a melee kill on her feat turn.

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