Saturday, January 30, 2016

Captain Phineas Shae

While this army isn't for me, I'm really enjoying putting it together. Seeing the scheme across the battlegroup validates the color choices. There's actually a lot of different color work on Shae's metallics that gets bleached out in the pictures, but I think you can at least get the idea.

From here, my next few sessions will focus on the solos of the army: Hawk, Grogspar, Rockbottom, and Doc. I'm going to play with the color scheme across each solo so they stand out from the rest of the army. Hawk will focus on the red, Grospar the black, Rockbottom the yellow and Doc the white. Should be interesting. Pics ahoy!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Zombiecide: Black Plague Survivors

Of all the game based Kickstarters I have backed, this one is hands down my favorite. The game itself is a lot of fun, the models are great, and I'm  looking forward to the rest of the KS rewards to paint.

These are the six survivors that come with the core game. I painted the zombies as well, but simply base coated them in colors corresponding their roles (walkers: brown, runners: red, fatties: blue) and then gave them an ink wash. They look great on the table and make it much easier to visualize the game state as we play.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reaper Bones Dragons

Last post for tonight... two Bones minis from Reaper. Both dragons that I think painted up really well.

Bones is a mixed bag for me. For large creatures, like the two pictured below, I think it's an awesome material and very easy to paint. For smaller models, specifically PC models, I find that it lacks the detail I am am used to in other materials. Enjoy some dragon goodness:

The Zo dog is happily watching me take pictures in the last shot... 

Finished Stryker 3

Just a few finished shots of a model I finished more than a year ago, but never posted.

Back With New Projects: Talion Charter Post 1

D9 who? D9 where? D9 paints minis?

Hello to anyone who got the notification that this blog has been updated after many months of inactivity. Let's see... since last I posted I got hit by a distracted driver while riding my bike which resulted in a plethora of injuries and of all my hobbies painting took one of the biggest hits due to an inability to sit for any length of time.

But, nine months later and suitably rehabbed, I've been back to painting and had the itch to show what I've been working on to the world. So a little necromancy and... viola! The blog is back!

My recent painting has included:
- The core set of Zombiecide Black Plague
-2/3 Withershadow Combine
- Erebus (Cryx Character Jack)
- A bunch of GW wood elves
-some Pathfinder characters
-Star Wars Armada Squadrons

and, most recently, I started in on my next big project... Talion Charter Pirates! I'm doing this army as a gift to a friend, and even though we don't play a ton of Warmahordes any more, I want to get him a respectable painted army.

The first foray into the force was with the three jacks that make up the 35 point core force I'm starting with. I wanted a color scheme that would stand out but yet be able to be used to unify a force that is disparate, at best. I went with the yellow, crimson and black, with crimson as the dominant color. Here are the first results...

So now that I'm blogging again, look for pictures of all the stuff I did over the last year plus that I never posted.