Saturday, February 13, 2010

2250 Tourney Playtesting

Greetings from the frozen lands of Baltimore! Our gaming group converged on my war room today for some mid afternoon 40k. The new tyranids were put to the test on all three tables, and 2/3s of the time were found lacking.

My goal was to playtest my possible list for the upcoming 2250/ superheavy tournament in March. I took Tiny the Titan out for his first real spin with a half finished paint job, and high hopes for uber distruction. He was joined by my always dependable World Eaters led by Kharn. My opponent went without a super heavy in order to try out many more of the new bugs, this meant multiple tervigons, a mawloc, a trigon, a carnifex brood, hive guard, hive tyrants, and the kitchen sink. To make a long story short, I won. Unfortuately, it wasn't really because of the titan. Don't get me wrong, nothing touched the beast and it did do some good shooting, but all major parts of the game were won just the way they always are, by guys in red power armor hitting things in the face with a chain axe. With today's results in mind, I think I'll be dropping the titan and taking my brass scoprion. It's fluffier anyway, and is 350 points less allowing for more krunchy khorne goodness. A few pictures for everyone above. Until next time.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warmachine: Skarre Triumphant!

The arctic tundra wasn't enough to stop the forces of Cygnar and Cryxx throwing down at 25 points for the first time today. We got two games in, one to Joey B and one to me. He ran pNemo and lots of jacks w/ a Jr. in game one. I brought pSkarre and friends. By turn three I had set up the feedback loop combo with a full unit of Satyxis and a sea witch on one of his jacks. The next turn Skarre hellfired the last two wounds off of Nemo and that was that. In game two I was up against Siege. He was able to pop his feat, and get a clear LOS to my caster and that was it.

So, once again, I sing the praises of Warmachine. We played two games in about 3 hours complete with beer drinking and bullshiting. I had a lot of fun, even in the game I lost. I think the name of the game for me will be to stick with one army and learn the ins and outs of it.

Some pics for everyone of my finished Slayer and one Satyxis raider. Real happy with both pieces, not so happy with the photos. Too much light.

28" of snow means no work tomorrow, so hopefully some more hobby time, maybe even some games of 40k or WM. Doubtful for work on Tuesday either, then we get another major storm Tuesday night. I could be looking at a weeklong vacation with little to do... sounds like my painting table and I will be spending a lot of time together.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greetings From the Frozen Tundra

From the icy land of Baltimore I bid everyone greetings! Almost 3 feet of snow fell on us this weekend, with more to come this week. I wish I could say I got a lot of hobby in today, but most of my time was spent humping snow.

I do have my slayer finished, with pictures to come, but something exciting and new was laid on my desktop yesterday....
Our FLGS is holding a 2250, Apoc style, tourney in March. One super heavy/ gargantuan creature/ etc. So the question is, what to take? Guard w/ baneblade? Ol' Ripley could use a final coat of paint, and I'm sure there will be plenty of bugs there for her to gun down (My baneblade is named Ripley due to her propensity for bug annhilation)
My other option is to break out the zerks. One list has the brass scorpion in it the other has my warhound...ahh decisions, decisions...

Hopefully I'll get some painting done this weekend, and a few new pics up. Til then, stay warm.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

C'mon Snow Day....

Looks to be a messy day tomorrow in the mid east... that could mean some hobby time instead of going to work. Could even mean getting some Warmachine games in. But before then, time for a little blog update.

Ok, has everyone read the latest legal tomfoolery posted about the net?
I for one am really turned off by game companies who seem to spend more time developing their legal departments than their rules. If GW could take a few moments to actually playtest, proofread, and edit their codexes instead of printing C&D orders maybe 40k wouldn't feel quite as sloppy in the rules department as it does. As for Lone Wolf, I enjoy army builder, but I often have wondered why/how this company justifies charging the ammount they do for essentially a program that does very little except allow other people to do their work when it comes to programing. Privateer comes off as the winner in this one as far as I'm concerned. Their reply is priceless. I guess our upcoming podcast can no longer be called "East Coast Army Builders"" eh? Interested to see what my lawyer friends have to say about this.

Ok, let me get this out of the way. I finally read the book. Well the rules portions at least, and I have one thing to say.... Doom of Malantai= WTF? Talk about a stupidly broken unit... Ahh GW... I guess I can rest well knowing that if my Dark Angels and World Eaters ever get re-done this decade they will be made of pure awesome the way things are going. Other than the silliness that is the Doom, I sorta like the book. I feel it has a few things that are superfluious and don't seem to stick with the flavor of the fluff, but overall it should be fun to play against... except for the doom... did I mention that thing sucks?

Oh well til tomorrow.