Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warmachine: Skarre Triumphant!

The arctic tundra wasn't enough to stop the forces of Cygnar and Cryxx throwing down at 25 points for the first time today. We got two games in, one to Joey B and one to me. He ran pNemo and lots of jacks w/ a Jr. in game one. I brought pSkarre and friends. By turn three I had set up the feedback loop combo with a full unit of Satyxis and a sea witch on one of his jacks. The next turn Skarre hellfired the last two wounds off of Nemo and that was that. In game two I was up against Siege. He was able to pop his feat, and get a clear LOS to my caster and that was it.

So, once again, I sing the praises of Warmachine. We played two games in about 3 hours complete with beer drinking and bullshiting. I had a lot of fun, even in the game I lost. I think the name of the game for me will be to stick with one army and learn the ins and outs of it.

Some pics for everyone of my finished Slayer and one Satyxis raider. Real happy with both pieces, not so happy with the photos. Too much light.

28" of snow means no work tomorrow, so hopefully some more hobby time, maybe even some games of 40k or WM. Doubtful for work on Tuesday either, then we get another major storm Tuesday night. I could be looking at a weeklong vacation with little to do... sounds like my painting table and I will be spending a lot of time together.



  1. am I the only person who reads this blog? i don't know which one of us is sadder.

    congrats on a nice win, that feedback is scary. i must bring more giant robots with guns.

  2. Looks like Joe's found another game he can lose at.

  3. But really Reese, his bad rolling isn't as much of a detriment in this game.