Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Wargaming

Got some game time in this weekend and some hobby time as well.

First, gaming. The 518th Vostroyan Rifles lined up across from the new Tyranids in an Annihilation mission. I made a few really rotten reserve decisions followed by some even more rotten reserve rolls. My line was cut in half and even though we put up a hell of a fight, the majority of the fuzzy hats were eaten by the Great Devourer. My Company Commander lived again, continuing his streak of surviving battles. 7 in a row!

I was impressed by the new bugs. Still can't make a judgement on power, but the army was fun to play against. We talked for a long time after the games were done, mostly about game balance, and the general agreement is that the newer Codexes seem to be relatively well balanced. What's more, they are fun to play and fun to play against. Orks, Marines, Guard, Wolves, Bugs all fall into this category. Everything else is desperately in need of seeing some revisions. Which brings us too...

/rant With the latest Blood Angels rumors popping up, I'm convinved that my Dark Angels will not be seeing the table until they get re-released. Maybe GW will throw us a bone when the Blood Angels get released, but I doubt it. First Legion? Maybe worst legion... /rantoff

Warmachine Update:
Got a single twisted metal game in post 40k throw down. I pulled off a caster kill against Joey B as he left Stryker out in the open where a slayer, Deneghra, and a deathripper all hit him in the face. I'm really enjoying this game. The rules are complex, but feel natural. It was a bit difficult going between the two rulesets though... I've been working on my 25 point list (which is where we're going next) and painting Skarre (pictures to come.) now that I have my Cryx deck, I can finalize some ideas. Here's 25:
Army Points: 25

Name Cost
Pirate Queen Skarre
Mechanithralls 6
Satyxis Raiders 10
Sea Witch

I went for fluff along with practicallity, so we shall see how she fares. I'm pumped to paint some of the darkly gorgeous female sculpts after the boys club that is warhammer 40k. The Satyxis look to be a fun theme for the army as well, and with the recent previews I think I can stick to that theme as I build.

Well that's all for now. In real world, little dissapointed with today's games. It has been good seeing the Percy Jackson trailer multiple times though!

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  1. stop complaining about your green power armor.

    also, next time you claim some sort of "my commander hasn't died" streak, let me know ahead of time so i can point more bugs that way.