Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

I've decided to give Privateer Press a shake in the New Year based on some favorable reviews about the Mark II system. I'm going to go with Cryx, simply to have a chance to paint some female models again. GW really doesn't do too well with making good looking (or any) female models, so it will be a nice throwback to my Reaper days. I'm really pumped about this, and will probably focus my limited hobby time on first the Cryx boxed set, and then my Skarre warband when we figure out what we're doing.

Here's the starter set. I'm going to go with a slightly modified paint scheme from the official PP one. Replacing the dark green with dark purple while keeping the greys, green necrovents, and the off gold metallics. The bases will be water themed, either swampy or beach, we'll see.

On the 40k side, we're getting ready to launch a new campaign, so I'm still working on getting my guard finished. I put together 6 grey knight terminators who have been stuck on my shelf for a few years in anticipation of allying them with my Vostroyans during the campaign. The planetstrike board is also off to a good start with the board itsself painted and the fortress primed and started as well.

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