Saturday, December 6, 2014

5 Year Anniversary and a New Start

Five years ago I started this blog as a place to show off my painting projects. At the time, our group was playing Warhammer 40k every few weekends and were on a hiatus from RPGS, CCGS, etc. My wife and I were playing lots of WoW and board games were still on the edge of our gaming consciousness.

Wow how times have changed.

As this blog enters its fifth year of existence, I want to make it a priority again. Not just as a showcase of painting, but a look at all the nerding my group of friends and I do. So what is the state of nerding in D-9 ville?

Warmachine/ Hordes is the minis game of choice. I have four factions in rotation on the game table and on the painting table. If I had to choose, Circle is my main faction these days with Cryx a close second. Cygnar lurks in the army bag, always a temptation to break out, then I remember I like winning. As much as I enjoy the models, the Cygnar play style just doesn't fit for me. I recently acquired a trollbloods army and plan on getting them painted up and fielded this year.

Outside of Warmahordes, I'm enjoying X-Wing and D&D Attack wing. I just wish we got more time to play. I have sold all of my 40k stuff except for my World Eaters and my Dark Angels. They lurk on the shelf, looking forward to some day when we might return to the grim-dark, but that day won't be any day soon.

The last few months have also seen me dusting off my Warhammer Fantasy models and making a few purchases on ebay to seal the armies I already owned. I have 4000 points of Wood Elves and Beastmen and my wife is still holding onto about 4000 points of Tomb Kings. I kickstarted the Kings of War second edition with the hopes that the rules might be more interesting than the current Warhammer Fantasy ruleset.

Last year I also invested in a Rohan army for LoTR and a smattering of Uruk Hai. This was more as an investment since the models are getting a bit hard to find, and as a Tolkien fan and a wargammer I felt that I would kick myself if I didn't own some of the GW forces.

My painting projects in the upcoming year will focus on my Trolls, my friend's Merc Pirates, some Warhammer Fantasy stuff and probably my Cygnar.


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