Sunday, May 2, 2010

CryxTier anticipation and Some Reflections

So after my thumping last night I think the leviathan may be a bad idea... In the first game I played he shot well and then got torn apart by angry elves. In game 2 he missed... and lost me the game. In other game revelations, aggressive play is definitely the way to win at Warmachine. Looking at my list from last night (pSkarre, 3 black ogrun, 6 satyxis raiders, sea witch, 6 mcthralls, necrosurgeon, skarlock, leviathan, and deathripper) I feel like I need to use the speed of the army more effectively. The win seems to hinge upon something being in melee in turn 2. If that doesn't happen, I tend to lose. The min raiders and sea witch almost dropped Typhon last night (3 bubbles) and the mech thralls almost dropped a carniveran, a few more lucky dice rolls and they would of demolished two of the tougher beasts in the Legion list.

So the question I've been pondering is, what will Skarre's tiers look like? I'm assuming she'll have satyxis in both her prime and epic incarnations. I'm concerned that the necrosurgeon and skarlock won't be in the running, especially after seeing the squire not show up in a lot of the Cygnar lists and now the choir lacking in many of the Menoth tiers. I'm hoping that the ogrun will show up since they certainly fit the pirate-y theme, and then? Revenant crew? Blackbanes? Mech thralls? It's probably safe to assume that she won't have access to the Deathjack or Sirens, so some of the jack management tools that eSkarre likes will be gone as well. C'mon may 19th...

So another week of work, but with my schedule starting to clear a little bit (there's light at the end of the tunnel!) I hope to be updating this site a little more often. Keep an eye out!

Go O's!

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