Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kromac the Ravenous: Painting

Here's a few rough shots of Kromac (who is 95% done) Even though I'm not going to paint my circle army anytime soon, Kromac really had to be painted in parts, and I wanted to get him together so I could get him on the table.

The skin is a different mix than I normally use. I worked up from a brown base, with no washes or glazes. I'm quite happy with the finished product. As anyone who has painted this model can tell you, the sheer ammount of brown doodads hanging off this guy can be maddening. I used three shades of brown and my trusty pot of devlan mud to get it done relatively quickly.

When it comes time for the entire Circle army to get some paint, I'll be sticking to the dark nuetreal tones for all of the Tharn units and switching to a dark green theme for the Reeves and Druids of Orboros. But... there's a lot of horny pirate ladies and undead pirates who need paint first!


  1. That Kromac looks awesome! The shading on the skin is very nice and his hair is great, too. I was working on some Circle Orboros models a few months ago and have never used that many different shades of brown before. Still very fun models to paint, though. I really do need to get back to them soon. Thanks, D-9.

  2. Nice work, I like some of you Cryx stuff as well. I've just started playing Warmachine with a Cryx army myself.

  3. Thanks guys! Papa: I'm really looking forward to the limited palet on some of the tharn infantry. I'm not looking forward to basically repainting Kromac again in beast form...