Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finished Gun Mages, Cyclone, and Chain Gun

Hey folks! Well we're in that time of year that I hate. It isn't quite spring yet, and it isn't still winter, and it's cold, and it's miserable... ugh... So during the rain on Sunday I settled down to three things:
1: Watching a great History Channel series on the Fall of Rome.
2: organizing my new mini cases. (more on this later)
3: painting everything on my table that was primed.

It was great to knock some models out. The chain gun is sitting on a Microart Studios scenic base. I have two more of these, one for the other chain gun and another for my Defender.
 I have a second chain gun and both loaders to paint next, then it's time to finish off the eStryker army by painting a second full unit of Stormblades. I'm going to go with the paint scheme in the sidebar of Superiority to differentiate these guys from the first unit. With them finished, Boomhowler and the boys will be next.

Tomorrow night is Warmahordes Night in the dreary dark night that lays over Carney. No GWWC game for me, so I'm bringing Skarre and the girls to take a break from the swans for an evening. battle reports to follow!

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