Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deathwing vs. Blood Angels

With the GWWC done, we took a night to play some 40k... and man were we rusty. Deployment was hilarious, and we "activated" models all night long. We asked weapons POW all night long and the most common statement was "holy crap, how far can I shoot?" Ahhh the joys of switching game systems...

GWWC champion Lupes busted out his Blood Angels led by Mephiston. Everything had jump packs, some were red, some were black. He also fielded two Baal predators. I wanted a quick game, so the Deathwing teleported onto the board in the form of Belial, a command squad, and two more D-Wing termy squads, a land raider, and two venerable dreads, one with an assault cannon and CCW and the second with a plasma cannon and missile launcher.

Lupes demolished one of my dreads with a quick and brutal assault, but that left him bunched up for a non deviating plasma cannon and frag missile. A few blown saves later and there were lots of dead BAs. My land raider thundered up and launched a deathwing squad into the midst of the Death Company and when the wounds were all sorted out, 9 dead blood angels were exchanged for three dead terminators. Mephiston kept failing psychic tests and the warp was having a field day inside his head with perils wounds, but he still cut down termies. The other two terminator squads deepstruck and shot the hell out of the predators with cyclones and assault cannons before Belial's command squad devastaed another BA assault squad. In the end all the mighty Lupes had left on the table was Mephiston with one wound. The sparkly vampire lord of bad psychic rolls was vaporized by a las cannon to end the game. The Deathwing were triumphant... not a bad return to 40k.

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