Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday Warmachine Action!

Five members of the Carney Kilhoz Gaming Group left the secure environments of the garage and the basement this morning to journey to a secret location to throw dice. Our new opponents played casters we hadn't seen before, but they made one terrible mistake... they let us bring beer. Armored in the comfort that only frosty Coors Lite can bring, we threw dice like true Carneys... well some of us did.

I took my Cryx, and ended up playing pSkarre all day. I used my standard 35 point, infantry heavy list and had a pretty good day. Awesome new opponenets, with incredibly painted armies, and all in all a great day... even with another Orioles loss...  to make a long story short, Skarre and the girls walked away with two wins, one against the Old Witch and another against bloody Barnabas and the gators. In a cryx on cryx showdown, Terminus managed to down the pirate queen after a bloody battle. Pictures below!

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