Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Couple of Victories With the Circle

Pulled off two wins last night to help break the screaming slide of losses lately. In the first game Grayle danced around the far flank against the old Witch. Using awareness and the Satyr's animus, the Stalker was able to blast through the woods and smash up the behemoth. The satyr countercharged a juggernaut slamming it 5" back and then wrecking it pretty well. In the end, the stalker put an end to the Old Witch. The true hero of the game was the feralgiest, who singlehandedly kept me from losing simply by being ethereal. Joey B had one magic attack left and that was Valchev attached to boomhowlers trolls. The woldwyrd under awareness sniped Valchev ensuring that I simply couldn't lose on objective.

Game 2 was against Vindictus and didn't look good for a large portion of the game. When it finally started to go my way I charged Vindictus with Grayle and a Stormraged Moraig... and didn't kill him. I then stood there and watched a fully loaded Vindictus whiff almost all of his attacks and ended it with a big hit from Moraig next turn.

Two good games. Very excited about the feralgiest. It may be time to add a second Circle caster into the mix... either eKaya or pKrueger. We shall see...

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