Sunday, March 4, 2012

Updated Circle Painting

Well hello interwebs. Sorry I've been so silent, lots going on. My Circle army is coming a long nicely, can't say I'm winning a lot of games, but I'm having fun. In non Circle related news I went to a tournament last weekend and took my Cryx that I haven't really played in a bout a year... I lost all three games... it wasn't pretty. The moral of the story is stick to what you're playing... anyway... picture time!
First up, my Black Clad wayfarer. I wanted him to still fit in with the army but to look a little different from everyone else. The patchwork cloak was my attempt at this little idea.

The gnarlhorn is added to the stable of beasts. This is one awesome model and he took quite a bit of work to blend and shade. I'm really happy with this one.
Moraig off his wolf. Is it sad that he is a cooler model than Grayle?
And last but not least, a non slow grow, Wold Warden.

The Wolves of Orboros now number 10 as well, didn't take a pic of the four new guys. Next up are the skinwalkers and a feralgiest.

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  1. Nice, like the cape on the Black Clad wayfarer