Monday, June 23, 2014

50 points of Legion in 7 Days.

Hey blogosphere. It has been a while. I have lots of new models to show you, if I ever get up enough energy to photograph everything. Today's return to blogging is to chronicle a little project I have going on this week.

At last week's Warmahordes night, the Carney Gaming Division of Nerd so Hard University delegation to the Titan Games team tournament was eagerly practicing so we could not lose. Following our games and several drinks, my esteemed team mate told us that he was bringing an unpainted army to the tournament.

This could not stand.

Challenge accepted.

So I have seven days to paint his 50 point Legion army.

(Why do I talk when I drink?)

So, night one is down. I spent a long time working on a scheme. eLylyth is painted and Typhon is half done. Pics for the big T below.
I spray things...

Tomorrow night is all about finishing off Typhon and getting a ravagore done as well.

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