Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 4! Proteus and a Succubus!

This truly is a speed paint. I'm using washes and inks to get these models done as fast as possible. 

-Prime White
-Skin is washed with Citadel Technical Oxide paint. It is the perfect consistency to get the blue I want. 
-P3 Magenta watered down to a glaze and then wet applied to the base coat around folds of skin and anywhere that needs to look funky
-Reaper Ghost White watered down and then glazed over the other two colors
-Final hit of ghost white over anything that looks suspect. 
-Chitin and bone is covered in brown ink 
-second coat of brown ink applied to the shadowed areas. 
-Reaper aged bone added to claws and bone spurs/ used to highlight the ink (WAIT FOR THE INK TO DRY) 
-Reaper polished bone for final highlights
-P3 Meridius Blue for the "circles" at the beasts' jaws. Highlighted with mixed blue and ghost white quick hit of leviathan purple citadel wash around the edges for shadow.
-liberal application of citadel Blood technical paint. 

Typhon took about four hours from start to finish, Proteus and the Ravagore were about 2.5 each. The naga and the succubus were about 45 mins a piece. Lylyth is a totally different paint job, done on a black spray coat, and took about 2 hours. Not bad for only working after my wife and daughter go to bed! 

Tomorrow is the Blackfrost Shard!

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