Monday, August 15, 2011

Blaize Impressions and Updates

Connie Blaize gave me two very interesting games last week. Both times her feat proved to be incredibly powerful ,giving me upwards of 12 souls, almost ARM 30 precursors, and very frustrated opponents. In game one however, I just couldn't thin out the horde of trolls (curse you tough rolls!) and was beat down by the few remaining champions. In game two however an awesome charge by the Bokur followed by a post feat- focus laden spell assasination brought eButcher down. A couple of observations:

1: Blaize is a midline caster: keeping gallant and a bokur close to keep her safe allow Connie to get the most out of her spells and her feat.

2: Blaize needs a crap-ton of infantry to be effective: The more single wound models you have, the better off you will be on the feat turn. I simply don't want to lay out the money on Steelheads or else everyone wouldn't stand a chance against her. With that said, make sure you have infantry that can do the deed if needed. Nyss or Forgeguard are probably your best choices, especially with transferrence active.

3: Blaize's army is deceivingly quick: Crusader's call is an awesome spell allowing you to spring on your opponent from a little further out than they expect. Capitalize on this with reach weapons and watch your threat out range your opponent's shooting.

In other news, I finished all three Storm Smiths and Arlan, which means my eNemo list is 100% finished. On the painting table right now is the Storm Strider (which is taking forever) and Boomhowler and Company.

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