Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Constance Blaize: Theory and 35 Points

Wednesday night is Warmahordes night! This week is going to see my first foray with Cygnar's new caster from Wrath, Constance Blaize.

First Choice? FACTION: Connie is an ally caster, so she can function as a Cygnar caster OR as a Highborn merc caster. For fun, I'm going to run her as merc this week to use some models I haven't used before.

Connie as a Caster: In my mind, she's definitely built to take a front line role in her army. Her spell list is designed around supporting infantry, but as soon as she can she needs to break loose and put a hurting on your opponent. Strangely enough, I don't see her as an assasination tool. I think with flashing blade she can clear a path for Gallant or any of her infantry to deal the final blow. This is the main weakness I see in her stats and spells, the kill condition is not as clear as I would like it. Still, with flank, reach, Crusader's Call, and the fact that her sword ignores bonuses from spells, she can make a go at a kill shot against mid level casters.

Transferrence: This spell allows infantry in Connie's control to spend her focus to boost. I see this spell going up mod 1 and never coming down. The various infantry models in the list will be able to pretty reliably clear paths, boosting when they need it. Seeing the Forgeguard boost weapon master hits will be impressive.

The Feat: Timing is going to be an issue. I see the feat more as a defensive measure than an offensive. For those who don't have the rules handy, every time a model in Connie's control dies she gets a soul, soul becomes focus next turn, etc. etc. That's not the cool part. For every soul on Connie, warrior models get +1 arm. If timed right, the feat should allow a few models to die, give Connie the focus for next turn, but make the rest of the army very survivable. With this in mind, I see the army hitting in one big wave, as opposed to being broke up.

The Army: Here's my first stab at a 35 point list.
                - Constance
               -10 Forgeguard
               -10 Precursor Knights +UA
               -6 Boomhowler Trolls
               -Harlan Versh
              - pEirys
              -Ogrun Bokur

Probably should drop some of the solos for a little more infantry spam, but I like the utility this list gives me. I might drop Eirys for Wishnayylr if I can figure out where to put the extra point. I like the bokur just because he's a secondary beatstick that will help keep Connie alive as she play so close up front. Versh is Morrowan, and he's bad ass. The precursors and the forgeguard are the big muscle in the list, especially with Transferrence up and the Precursor's mini feat.
So we shall see!

On the painting front, all my Stormsmiths are finished and being sealed as you read this. Arlan is the last model before my eNemo 35 list is complete.

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