Sunday, August 7, 2011

Magic the Gathering!

First, thanks for the kind words in the comments section of the last post. I really appreciate it! You guys keep reading, I'll keep writing!

A short Warmachine update: Wednesday night I'm going to break out Constance Blaize for the first time. Hopefully I'll give a little theory article tomorrow night, and then see how it works out on Wednesday.  Progress is steadily being made on the Stormsmiths as well, and I should have pictures for you all soon.

Saturday night eleven of us converged on my basement for a night of sealed deck MtG. Most of us have been playing Magic since revised, but for a few folks this was their first time. We each got four packs of cards, and then drafted nine more cards from other closed packs. From this card pool everyone built a 40 card deck. I went with green and white due to two "mana elves" in my packs and a few big green creatures. My deck was solid, but really didn't have any game ending combos in it. I won quite a few of my first games (besides being ground out by Joey Baltimore! Maybe he'll give us a guest testimony on how he managed to build a grinder deck in a sealed environment... ) but soon the late hour and copious ammounts of alcohol began to take their toll on my already adled mind and I fell into the loser's circle for the end of the night.

It was an incredibly enjoyable evening and a nice change of pace from all the tabletop wargaming we do. There's talk about a Magic league for the fall/ winter using only our sealed deck cards. Should be interesting...

Oh well, I'm off to paint. BTW: I've preorderd!

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  1. well, i didn't win, which was my goal. a grinder in sealed deck is basically just luck. there was a blue enchantment i pulled that ground out the other guys deck every time i drew a card. i also pulled two merfolk looters, which have a draw/discard mechanic.

    enchantments are tough in sealed deck, so i knew that was in. 40 cards isn't that many turns to hold on, so since i knew i was grinding i put in as many cards that could gain life as i could, and just held out. play defensive, that's how you grind.

    in hindsight, i passed up another merfolk looter in the draft that i should have grabbed, as i wasn't clearly thinking grind until i grabbed that enchantment. i think if my idea had been set earlier, i could have done it even better.

    as it stands, i earned a bye then got dropped in the elimination round. ughh, my opponent, hanan, the bane of my existence, had two cards left when he pulled some sort of flying dragon. hit me to exactly zero. ahh well, next time.