Saturday, July 12, 2014

Back to Cygnar: Stryker 3 and His Incredible Thunder Ponies!

So, my 6 lists for Cryx and Circle are 100% done. Joey Baltimore's first 50 point list is good, Hanan's first 50 point list is done and famous for its rapidity, and while I've got more work to do for them, I've got some time. I've decided to return to Cygnar with my painting.

My goal for Cygnar is to play Tier 4 Theme Forces. eStryker, eNemo, 3Nemo, 3Stryker, and eHaley. My first project is for the latest Stryker incarnation. 

This model is a giant PITA. It's on the smaller side of scale, and laden with detail. On top of that, the angles are crazy making it tough to get to everything. Here's what I have done:

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