Thursday, July 3, 2014

Benchwarmers: Lists I'm Not Playing

For a variety of reasons, these three lists have been sitting the bench since I returned to Circle this year. Mainly, eMorvahna is just THAT GOOD that these two lists have been sat aside for the time being. Both are beast heavy and built to trash heavies and colossals. I could see them sliding into my second list spot if I knew the meta was going to be stacked with heavy armor, or if our team needs an army crack list.

   -2x Warpwolf Stalkers
   -Wold Watcher

-Min Bloodtrackers + Nuala
-Min. Tharn Wolf Riders
-Tharn Ravager Whitemane
-Shifting Stones

-Full Skinwalkers+ Alpha
-Full Druids +UA

My poor Grayle list isn't even pictured. I tried really hard to make Grayle work, and he is fun to play. But it seems like he just falls apart in almost any top tier match up.

Next up on the painting table: Joey Baltimore's Exemplar Errants

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