Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Circle Orboros 50 Point Lists

These are my current "In Play" Circle lists.

   -Wold Wrath
-Full Skinwalkers + UA
-Full Reeves
-2x Gallows Grove
-3x War Wolves
-1 x Reeve Hunter
-1 x Tharn Ravager Whitemane

   -Wold Warden
   -Feral Warpwolf
-Druids + UA
-Shifting Stones +UA
-Shifting Stones
-Tharn Bloodweavers
-Blackclad Wayfarer

   -Wold Warden
   -3xWold Watchers
-Celestial Fulcrum
-Druids +UA
-Stones +UA

All three present very different games. Kreuger and Morvahna are my go to pairing right now as they seem to compliment each other. Both are attrition style lists, but Krueger tends to do better against swarm infantry, while Morvahna presents a much more balanced face against other foes.

The Baldur list is an armor skew that an opponent can either handle easily or just flat out loses to. The amount of arm 21+ in this army can be scary, especially when it is healing every turn.

Tomorrow, I'll post a few of my lesser played Circle lists and discuss why they fell out of favor.

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