Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cygnar Marches!

This week marks the beginning of the Garage Winter World Championship! Now some hardcore players might be going to Temple Con and others looking to throw down Hard Core at Adepticon, slackers one and all! No event can hold a candle to the challenges and competition of the GWWC! The competition, the suspense, the ... cold, the drinking! It's everything that wargaming should be... and you, gentle readers, will get round by round updates as the weeks roll on here on D-9 Minis.

To start everyone settled on one of the their factions to play thoughout the entire tournament. All games will be 35 points with open lists for round one, and then two 35 point lists for round two. I'm bringing Cygnar as they have really become my primary faction these days. My other goal is to get a big chunk of my Cygnar painted while working through the event. Wednesday marks the first night of competition, so look for an update Thursday! Until then, here's my most recently completed Cygnar stuff.


  1. Lookin' Good!

    Gaming the freezing garage sounds pretty epic, have fun!

  2. playing in the cold keeps you on your toes.

    elves for the win!