Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Interupt Our Regular Scheduled Coverage for... DARK ANGELS!

So... while I have no new Warmachine news tonight I did finally get to pick through the new FAQ and what it meant to my beloved Deathwing. Overall? The boys are at least playable again. Maybe not upper tier, but the next time our new FLGS has a 40k tourney, I'll probably take them out for a spin (if I can remember the rules...)
The Important Points... (for Deathwing Players)
Narthecium/ Reductor: My command squad now has "Feel no Pain." This really can't be underestimated when talking about models with a 2+ save. Anything that keeps terminators on the table, or at least gives them a chance, makes the unit much better. It's likely that this squad would be the prime candidate for a Deathwing Assault turn one deepstrike with its improved survivability.

Cyclone Missile Launcher now with TWO missiles! This DOUBLES the ammount of anti light armor fire power in my army. At 1750 points I always ran two squads with missile launchers, this lets them have a much better chance at cracking light armor or helping to thin out hordes forces.

Power of the Machine Spirit: Now land raiders can fire one additional gun, at a seperate target. For the las cannon variety, this means move and two shots to help pop big armor. For the crusader, it garuntees a multi melta can be pointed at a real target no matter what. The MM actually makes sense now. The ability to target different units also plays into the fact that we will always be outnumbered and if we get lucky with that first shot, we now have a chance to take out something completely different. This also plays a huge part with just how true line of sight effects modeled side sponsons on land raiders. Broadsides shots while moving just became very viable options.

Storm Shields= 3+: Need I say anything else? This may in fact erase a portion of grumpiness that I have held on to ever since the Space Marine codex was released.

Good stuff! Enough to make me even want to play a game of 40k... maybe... sometime...

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