Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions: Hobby Style!

Happy New Year all! 2010 brought some major changes in my hobbying, specifically the shift from 40k to Warmachine which started in January and has now completely put GWs games to the side as Privateer has taken over our group.
For me, I got two armies painted last year. Not quite as much as I wanted to, but still not too shabby. I assembled a lot of Warmachine models and got in a lot of Warmachine games. Wednesday night fights in the garage have been awesome and I look forward to them continuing in the new year.

So... goals for the new year...
1: Finish painting my 35 point e Stryker army.
2: Paint my 35 point Siege army
3: Finish painting my 35 point Kromac army
4: Paint my 35 point Krueger army

1: continue Wednesday night fights!
2: attend some tournament that require some travel time
3: play in whatever events our new FLGS sponsors
4: Plan and host War for the Cure 2!
5: Update my blog more regularly....
So hopefully I'll get some updates up shortly as I get to work on painting up some more models.

Happy New Year!

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