Friday, January 21, 2011

GWWC: The Competition

The GWWC got off to a rip roaring start last Wednesday night with above freezing temperatures and Blithering Idiot beer ( The forces of Cygnar rocked out a 1-2 record on night one. Not overwhelming, but not a complete loss. All three games were tight and tons of fun, and I tried two armies that I hadn't played much with. My eNemo army was tons of fun, but in the end lost a scenario victory thanks to an excellently played reckoner that managed to beat the snot of the Thunderhead. Game two and three I took a pStryker list that attempted to capitalize on the knockdown mechanic of Earthquake coupled with the Devil Dogs. Against eGaspy I managed to pull off a pretty hard core caster kill after actually surviving his feat turn but against the angry elves of Joey Baltimore, I lost another scenario after failing to disengage the Black 13th from Narn. The point truly was, all three games were incredibly fun. (the Blithering Idiot helped this as well but I digress...)
So tonight's entry is for anyone who isn't a part of our little group of gamers... the who's who of the GWWC.

1: Name: Joey Baltimore
   Army: Retribution
   Biggest Strength: Incredible arguing prowess.
  Biggest Weakness: Dice hate him. I mean really hate him... he doesn't see the number six except on morale tests...

2: Name: TAD
    Army: Minions
    Biggest Strength: Can build armies better than anyone else in the group. Understands the best way to finagle the rules to his advantage.
    Biggest Weakness: He's tiny and could be easily beaten if things get physical.

3: Name: Web
   Army: Searforge
   Biggest Strength: His Gorten list is built to win scenario victories and seems to win when the odds are stacked against it.
   Biggest Weakness: His models run away. A lot. I think if I could take an all terror causing/ abomination army against him I would win on the second turn.

4: Name: The Kutch
    Army: Protectorate
    Biggest Strength: Has spent more time theory machining his army than anyone and knows every in and out of his force. The man has a notebook I tell ya, a notebook!
    Biggest Weakness: His dice abandon him almost as much Joey's. The Kutch has left more Warcasters at 1 health before losing than anyone in the group.

5: Name: Lupes
    Army: Cryx
   Biggest Strength: He plays eGaspy, affectionately known as Assface in our group. His list is brutal. Gaspy's killing power is unparalleled in our group.
    Biggest Weakness: Never reads email or the group message board. This keeps him from gleaming important tactics and information and even sometimes keeps him from showing up for games.

6: Name: Reese
   Army: Protectorate
   Biggest Strength: The freaking Avatar of Menoth. I hate that jack. Coupled with a cynicism that no one can match.
   Biggest Weakness: Expects to lose.

7: Name: Ed
   Army: Khador
   Biggest Strength: Winterguard. Lots and lots of freaking Winterguard. Also has the only other army close to being completely painted. Since everyone knows painted models play better this presents a challenge.
    Biggest Weakness: Works a lot. Therefore not around to kick my butt as much as he did earlier this year.

8: Name: D-9
    Army: Cygnar
    Biggest Strength: Much of my army is painted. See above for the statistical improvement of painted models.
     Biggest Weakness: I'm not playing my Cryx army.
So there you have it, the usual suspects. Now all of you can follow along at home.

GWWC Round One Standings
               Joey B      D-9     Kutch    TAD    Reese   Web    Ed   Lupes  
Joey B.      X            W                      W    
D-9           L              X           L                                                    W
Kutch                       W            X                               L                 L
TAD        L                                                               L
Web                                       W        W                      X                 L
Lupes                      L            W                                  W                   


  1. you need to fix the grid. it's not exactly lined up and you should either put an x for all the self-match up spots or leave them blank.

    i say leave them blank, because it's much more impressive when my row has all W's.


  2. now the grid is completely out of date. this is the internet man, people need to know what's going on.

  3. Its my handy Dandy notebook if you must know.