Sunday, November 13, 2011

Circle Oroboros Weekend Results

First off, the beautiful above picture was taken on my bike ride yesterday. We are in prime time autumn weather in old Maryland right now, the rain has taken a break, and it is beautiful.

So I've had a chance to get quite a few games in with my Circle armies over the last few weeks. My Circle record since I started playing them again sits at 5-3 between the two casters.

Kromac had great success at 50 points against Ozzy last week, hitting and running with the Tharn and Lord of the Feast to win by objective. At smaller points he has struggled getting dropped by Garreth and the stupid Gators. Kaya split two games of battle box with Morghul, and I can see why she's not one of the more widely played casters. Her well of tricks is pretty damn shallow compared to the other warlocks in the faction. Krueger tore apart the Skorne twice in a row, once by assasination and once my objective and then went off and had a great, drawn out, game against the pirates of the Talion Charter finally giving Shae a wallopin personally for the win.

Our group is getting ready to start a slow grow shortly where I'll be playing Grayle. It will be interesting to see how he works.

My current 35 point lists that I've been playing

   - feral warpwolf
   - pureblood warpwolf
-6 bloodtrackers +Nuala
-3 wolf riders
-4 ravagers + chieftan

     -feral warpwolf
-6 bloodweavers
-6 druids + overseer
-shifting stones + stonekeeper

Til next time!

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