Saturday, November 19, 2011

Domination Thoughts

Finally finished a full read of Domination this afternoon and thought I'd throw up some initial impressions. For anyone who doesn't read my words of self adoration in blog form often, let me preface this pointless pontification with the fact that I'm a Circle player. (not in the dirty hippy druid way either, but in the eat your face, grr I'm a werewolf, way... but I digress....) Be aware: spoilers abound.

FLUFF: Wow, wow and wow again. I really enjoyed the story woven through the book. Circle seemed to get more than enough face time and Grayle came off as a very likeable and interesting character. I wanted more of the Kromac vs. Skorne subplot, but now Kromac will definitely want some revenge on Jarl, no good troll git... the last portion of the storyline puts the Skorne on the doorstep of Ios and sets up some very interesting plot twists in the ol' Iron Kingdoms. I wonder how close to the Warmahordes storyline the new IK RPG will be?

CIRCLE ADDITIONS: In my order from best to meh...
1: Gallows Grove: truly a game changer. At 1 point, these little arc nodes are going to be a lot of fun to experiment with.
2: Grayle: I like him, enough that he is going to be my caster in our club's slow grow league this winter. I think there's a lot going on with him, and he's different from everyone else Circle has to bring to the field.
3: Ghettorix: The fluff, the art, the abilities... this guy is pure win. He's a little pricy at 11 points, but should prove to be a very hard to kill beatstick for Kromac.
4: Scarsfell Griffon: Coming in at 5 pts, this guy has a lot of competition. Either way, his extended control and two handed throws could be a lot of fun, especially in a Kaya list.
5: Celestial Fulcrum: I think I might get one of these to try out. If nothing else the model is awesome. I don't know how survivable it will be though.
6: Winter Argus: again, 5 point bracket. Nice animus, cool sprays, doubt I'll ever get one.
7: eBaldur: just meh for me. No need for another new caster.

Overall, I really liked the book. I think PP continues to put awesome stuff together on all fronts and two years into their game, I'm still really enjoying it. Next on my reading list is the new Necron book, expect more there soon. Have some Tharn on my painting table right now and two more boomy trolls to finish before my Siege 35 pt list is done. Some pics later this week.

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