Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tharn Wolf Rider: 1 Down, 2 to Go!

Nothing much to report tonight. Had a great Thanksgiving with friends, family, football and food. Got some nice bike rides in due to the mild weather we've been having. Ordered some stuff from the various webstores' BF deals. The Circle Battle Engine is probably the high point of those orders. Played some D&D last night, but no miniatures gaming action to report. Wednesday night will get our weekly matches back on schedule though. In the meantime, here's some shots of the Circle stuff I'm working on.

When I get to the Bloodtrackers I'll do a step by step how to for painting these girls. I did the wolf riders on a black undercoat, which I probably won't use for the 'trackers. I'm still fairly happy with the final product with this model. I decided that all the Tharn in the army will be relatively healthy looking with skin tones built up from browns and tans to flesh colors. The women will favor red and blond hair. I'll probably work in some celtic tatoo motifs on the trackers when they aren't so bunched up.

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